Looking For Girls

Hey girl=)

Lexi here!

My Sophia recently quit, so I am currently looking for girls to RP her. Comment below if you would like to apply, with your real name, Sophia’s age (must be 14 – 17), why I should pick you, and your email. I will email every girl who doesn’t get in and email the girl who does with info. If you cannot apply, please advertise this! I need as many girls as possible! This ends May 4th, so you have a week. I will post a little later with a post including Sophia, so you see how she acts. Hers is Megan Fox  and mine is Doutzen Kroes. I am the first blogger to use Doutzen Kroes and Megan Fox, so please don’t steal my official FC’s!!!!! If you do use her, give me credit. If you don’t I will ask you to take it down.

All ideas are my own!  New official post  May 7th, a few days after I choose my new Sophia!